Oh hey there


It’s our pleasure to introduce Honey Fresh, the natural deodorant that uses the antibacterial effects of honey to keep the B.O at bay. We blend premium-quality, natural ingredients with fresh flavors to bring you a super effective deodorant.
And sure, we could just stick to making deodorant, but we thought we’d go a little further. So we’ll get off the beaten track of cosmetics with a smile on our faces and into the world of music, art and media. We’ll bring funky playlists from our favorite music-makers and share videos, pictures, and exciting content from around the world. These are the things that get people talking and ideas flowing, and that’s what makes us tick.
This leads us to what we see as the core of Honey Fresh Cosmetics, our ‘Bee A Part Of It’ project. Honey Fresh will donate 5% of net profits each year to projects and organizations that play a vital role in the survival of our bee populations. It can’t be stressed enough how essential bees are in keeping the ecosystem of planet Earth happy. The more people are aware of this, the better. If we all play our part, we can build a healthy planet for the future.

So come for the fresh ‘pits and stay for extras. 😉


Sophia & Mark.


"I wouldn't want to live in a world without bees"


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