Bee A Part Of It

Bees are fantastic; we know this much. They create the ingredient that gives Honey Fresh Deodorant Cream the magic touch: organic honey. So we think it’s high time we gave a little back to the bees with our ‘Bee a Part Of It’ project, an initiative to give 5% of net profits to bee-keeping organizations.

The impact of bees on our daily lives goes beyond just making honey and beeswax. They are responsible for cross-pollinating at least 30 percent of the world’s crops and 90 percent of our wild plants. Our ecosystems need them. Bee colonies currently face increasing difficulties with the use of pesticides, and habitat loss is a threat to survival. We think this is bad and believe it would be great to see this trend reversed. While bee populations have remained stable recently, we believe a little helping hand will go a long way.

This will be done by supporting local education with bee-keeping schools or initiatives that protect the natural environment. Honey Fresh will be 100% transparent about where our donation funds go and work only with organizations that can meet the same standard. Together we can make an impact.