Taking a bold approach to staying fresh.

Honey Fresh is a simple, effective, and natural deodorant cream.

Bringing together the antibacterial qualities of honey, arrowroot, and several other natural ingredients, we devised a recipe that works with your body. It lets your underarms breathe while keeping the not-so-nice bacteria at bay. Easy.

We kept it simple with our recipe. It’s made using premium-quality ingredients, many of them organic, such as our carefully sourced honey from the Netherlands, as well as our arrowroot powder and coconut oil.

‍Honey Fresh will have your 'pits positively on point. However, it won’t stop you from sweating completely (it’s not an antiperspirant). This means it won’t block up the pores of your skin with aluminium. We think this might be a good thing.

With years of evolution behind us, we’re pretty sure sweating serves a useful purpose. It keeps your body cool. Sweating is completely normal. Honey Fresh is the bacteria-beater that makes life a little more pleasant when it happens. Let it flow and keep it fresh!

*Caution, Honey Fresh can often cause a smile when you realize you can stay fresh and feel great with only a little helping hand from Mother Nature.