What goes into your natural deodorant in 2020?

We've all wondered what ingredients go into a deodorant to make it effective, and this counts double for natural deodorants. Worries about body odour can hurt our confidence and we completely understand. A lot of people also step away from the typical mass-market offerings (such as deodorants and antiperspirants containing aluminium) because they've become conscious of long-term effects from the chemicals in products used in our daily cosmetic routines. Whilst the science currently says that aluminium levels typically found in deodorant are unlikely to have negative long-term consequences, it never hurts to use what nature provides (we leave it out of Honey Fresh anyway, just to be safe). 

Today, we're going to breakdown 5 key ingredients you can expect to find in Honey Fresh natural deodorant and others, and explain a little about how they work in relation to keeping you fresh. 

1) Honey- ok, we admit this is kinda specific to Honey Fresh but what better place to explain why we use it. Honey is a well known antibacterial ingredient. As it is the growth of bacteria called Staphylococcus hominis that causes what we generally call body-odour, we figured that this by-product of bees (who 100% rock, by the way) would be a great addition to any deodorant. Once we took out the stickiness, we were left with a lovely smelling, highly effective key ingredient. 

2) Coconut Oil- we call coconut oil the unsung hero of Honey Fresh. Its smell remind us of a tropical beach and it has an amazing two-fold effect when used in natural deodorant. Firstly, it's got a great consistency, somewhere between a balm and a cream at room temperature. It's also antibacterial as well as being great for keeping the skin nice and soft. Wins all around!

3) Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda)- now baking soda is where things get personal. We all have a very slightly different chemistry on our skin, and baking soda can cause irritation for some. This is where experimenting with different brands works wonders as different amounts of baking soda in deodorant will work better for some than others. Whilst it's great at keeping the bacteria at bay, we use as little as possible in Honey Fresh as we want to be able to have as many people use it as possible and we have other great ingredients like honey to do that job.

4) Arrowroot Powder- now, you may not have heard of arrowroot powder but this magical ingredient plays a key role in the effectiveness of any deodorant. It has been used for thousands of years in food and medicine. It is another antibacterial element in Honey Fresh and other natural deodorant and provides the thickening of the texture.  

5) Essential Oil- in some scented natural deodorants, like our Honey Fresh Tropical Bali, essential oil is added to give that extra touch of freshness. We use lemongrass oil as we think it smells fantastic, and reminds us of kicking back on the beach with a fruity cocktail. It also works to hide the smells we don't want for a little longer as it's also antibacterial. 

So there we are! A breakdown of 5 key-ingredients you can expect to find in your natural deodorant. If you had any doubts about making the switch to natural, now is the time. And remember, with Honey Fresh if it doesn't work for you- no worries. We have a 30 day full refund policy. :) 



founder, Honey Fresh.