The story of Honey Fresh...

By Mark Frith.

For a long time, I wanted to get away from mainstream deodorants. So I searched for a simple, natural, and effective solution. As an active and sporty person, I struggled to find a natural deodorant that worked for me.

In 2018 I had a lightbulb moment to make my own deodorant, experimenting in the kitchen with different recipes. I knew honey was antibacterial and thought it would be fun to incorporate this into a natural deodorant (since bacteria is what causes those armpit odors).

After months of experimentation, I finally had a deodorant cream that worked. This is the basis of Honey Fresh today. It smells great, lasts all day, and is super-easy to apply. And with each purchase made, 5% will go to bee-supporting charities. 

I hope you enjoy using Honey Fresh.